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We are the proud distributors of ProKennex in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Lesotho. ProKennex being an international brand has always been a leader in racket technology and has perfected the Kinetic technology in rackets.

The Newtonian physics that protects your arm also yields the most efficient energy transfer in racket equipment; boosting frame capacity while providing its protective shield for your health. This means more players, playing longer and more often...AND BETTER!

As quoted by the Australian tennis magazine, ' A Quantum Leap in tennis technology, the Kinetic will be to the tennis buff what ABS and ACTIVE SUSPENSION are to the motor enthusiast'.

The Kinetic System is made up of microspheres (Kinetic Mass) contained in capsules inserted inside the frame. During the stroke preparation movement, the Kinetic System charges the Kinetic Mass with kinetic energy.

Prokennex creates the new material mix PROKENNEX Spiral Tech Carbon, the evolution of Graphite. It is a unique blend of layers of Spiral Tech graphite and High Modulus Graphite that is applied to get the best performance out of the frame

Duane Armstrong is a USPTA Professional and Certified with TCSA

Armstrong Tennis Academy is a very successful Academy founded by Duane Armstrong in 1999 and has produced many top players over the years.  Duane's main focus is to produce top tournament players and travel to all the tournaments supporting his players.